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Let us change for a better tomorrow

Change should start with us before we motivate others. Leadership qualities with positive and sensitive attitude brings about social change.

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Learning to bring about change through rallies, campaigns, role plays, field visits and motivational sessions...

Aarushi Gandhi, is a highly creative and brilliant child. Here you see Aarushi with a beautiful clay Ganesha made by her.
Doesn't it feel special and proud to create your own cute...

Jwalamukhi change agent Keerthi talking about the issues children face while going to school and requesting for zebra crossing near schools and cycling lane in Sanjay nagar during...

Author: Swathi

2014 has been a crucial year for India, the world’s largest democracy. Elections are taking place again after five years. Once again you will find...

Jwalamukhi children went on an informative and interesting field trip. Bangalore is facing a huge garbage dumping problem . The villagers near the landfill at Mandur are protesting and...

Want to be part of jwalamukhi?

• Jwalamukhi is a program for children around 12 years old. Children who are interested in making a change, learning about issues , working on them and having fun doing these are welcome to join this program if its in an area near you.

• We use role plays, group activities, presentations, games etc to make the program effective. So We need volunteers to help us in working closely with a group of children and motivating them in all these activities.

• Rallies , Walk-a-thons, flash mobs - all these are also part of our program outreach and we always need young volunteers to participate, and bring in ideas for these events whenever we plan them.

• If you share our passion about our program, know a place in your area where this program can be done and would like to bring this program there, get in touch with us and we are open to discuss the feasibility of doing it.

• If you see any civic problems or social issues or an activity with environmental concerns – take a pic, write about it and share your concerns, ideas , solutions on our face book page.
We welcome you to become part of Jwalamukhi any way you feel comfortable. Join us in bringing small changes !

(Jwalamukhi Trust offers this program free of charge to all children and is registered under 12A and 80G)