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Sunday morning at RTC Girls Orphanage

Sunday morning at RTC Girls Orphanage

Aug 26, 2014

February 16th morning we had a special session at RTC home . We were invited by Open Doors foundation to do a pilot program there.
Usually when we reach the venue for our regular sessions we invariably have to wait for around 15 to 30 minutes for the children to troupe in one by one and settle down. At Jwalamukhi we believe children are best in their happy and bubbly state and as a practice do not come down on them harshly for coming late. We try to teach punctuality also as a value to be imbibed as part of our leadership sessions and sometimes even make it part of a competition. We plan lively activities or games in the beginning of the session so the children automatically come there in time ,lest they should miss the game!

When we reached RTC we were completely surprised to see all the girls waiting and ready for the session to start. On a pleasant Sunday morning they had finished their morning chores like prayers, breakfast and their regular daily duties and were ready for us at 10 :15 am .

That was just a hint of how the session was to unfold in the next 2 hours or so. If we expected them to be shy then we were proven wrong again. If we expected them to be a little hesitant in coming forward and giving a presentation or participating in role plays then we were wrong again.

The session started with introduction and a simple presentation on the most important identity that all of us should be proud of- Being Indian. Kick starting the session with a note of patriotism, an important ingredient of Jwalamukhi program , the girls were then engaged in an interesting game that taught them the importance of planning , supporting and guiding your team member who was blind folded to build the highest tower with sugar cubes.

Motivational videos were shown and an important issue of “Keeping city clean’ was discussed after seeing a video on the subject . The children who were then split in groups did beautiful role plays giving simple solutions of how they could tackle this issue around them themselves.
What amazed us was the spontaneity of the children. Within the 15 minutes’ time limit given to them, they could put up a beautiful role play with props and everything. They definitely had a good understanding of the issue.

Our pilot session at RTC was a very satisfying experience to us from Jwalamukhi and we are looking forward to interact more with these beautiful children and build a strong relationship with them!

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