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Rally for Eco friendly ganesha

Rally for Eco friendly ganesha

Aug 26, 2014

A recent report on air pollution in Indian cities put Bangalore as one of the cities on top when it comes to pollution too.
In India every festival adds colour fun and a different flavour to the celebrations- be it Ganesha pooja, Diwali, Gokulashtami, New year Celebrations so on.
Ganesha Pooja also heralds a beginning of all festivities for the calendar year. Ganesha idols are decorated, pooja offered every evening and immersed in a lake or pond.
Here’s where the problem starts. Allidols some of them very big in size, with artificial colours, and decoration that pollute the water.

These big Ganeshas take days or months to completely melt.
This year lot of awareness drive has been done by Pollution Control Board to request people buy small clay idols .
On August 24 th Jwalamukhi children, Sanjay Nagar took a rally on the Sanjay Nagar Main Road spreading message of buying small clay idols and immerse them at home and there by Save the lake.

Doing so we hope they would have influenced at least a few people to change their minds and buy clay idols instead of coloured big idols.
The children who participated in the rally, I’m sure went back with this thought and will always remember this every year during Ganesha festival. They definitely have changed the way they look at this issue and will always stand up for this and talk to more and more people about this.

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