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Jwalamukhi - Bio gas plant visit

Jwalamukhi - Bio gas plant visit

Aug 26, 2014

Jwalamukhi children were taken on a field trip to visit the bio gas plant at Yelahanka.
About 45 enthusiastic , excited children assembled at 2.30. After the initial round of briefing they happily trouped into two vans. Journey was fun filled with songs and Antakshri and for a change nobody was complaining about the notorious Bangalore traffic!

On reaching the BBMP bio gas centre they were greeted by Dr. Sandhya, who is a health inspector and in charge of the unit. After explaining the process the children were taken to see the dry waste collection centre. Here different types of dry waste like shampoo bottles, cardboard boxes, milk sachets were collected . The per kg rates of these items was put up on a board . One could sense the confusion in the minds of these 12 year olds - what??? Do we GET money when we give away garbage???

The group then happily ran into the wet waste processing unit. Here they were shown how wet waste is put into the machine - it works like a mixer and gives out a liquid .

This liquid is then stored in a tank underground and then it goes into a green colored huge tank where methane gas is produced. The next step is " ballon" room where the gas is retained . Children enjoyed the sight of the huge ballon and everybody wanted to feel it! Methane gas is then passed to the generator which converts methane gas to electricity.
Once the switch was turned on - Viola! Magic the street lights went on! There was a spontaneous clapping by the children and they were very excited to see the lights burn.
Dr. Sandhya was explaining that they were getting wet waste from 40 hotels in that area.

The children were truly excited and totally convinced about the need to segregate garbage. All of them have made a promise to Dr. Sandhya that they would earnestly start seggragating garbage at home first before convincing their neighbors and friends.

After a short 10 min journey they were taken to the plastic recycling unit. Here huge piles of plastic containers were sorted according to colour . They were fed into a machine and it gave out plastic pellets. These are later reused to make recycled plastic items .

One thing is very evident this bunch of energetic children are now totally convinced about the need to segregate garbage. The enthusiasm was palpable . They were raring to go home and convince their parents at home about the benefits of segregation before talking to others about it.

Jwalamukhi believes in bringing about a positive change in every small way we can. With Bangalore facing huge garbage crisis and 3 hour power cuts the simple idea that we can https://www.acheterviagrafr24.com/acheter-viagra-en-ligne/ light a street bulb with our household food waste - provided we segregate our waste -has gone down into these impressionable minds!

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