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A field visit for garbage segregation

A field visit for garbage segregation

Aug 26, 2014

Jwalamukhi children went on an informative and interesting field trip. Bangalore is facing a huge garbage dumping problem . The villagers near the landfill at Mandur are protesting and NGOs and government are trying to find a permanent solution to this problem.

It is clear that segregation of garbage at source is the main step towards this . Garbage segregated can be turned into a huge resource. Organic waste can be composted or used to make biogas and dry waste recycled. It’s required that people understand the magnitude of the problem and also that how simple a solution it has, then we will all segregate responsibly. Jwalamukhi took the children to a dry waste centre in Dollar’s colony , North Bangalore where they saw -how the plastics, cans, covers etc. were treated and re cycled beautifully. They were next taken to a Bio gas plant where wet waste fed into the plant produced Biogas that could light up the street.

I am sure the children will think twice about throwing garbage irresponsibly, now that they have seen and understood everything, first hand, themselves.

A Saturday well spent.

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