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The election wave

The election wave

Aug 26, 2014

Author: Swathi

2014 has been a crucial year for India, the world’s largest democracy. Elections are taking place again after five years. Once again you will find yourself surrounded with banners of political parties, the repeated “Mujhe vote do’’ slogans everywhere, advertisements, campaigns, 24/7 news updates, debates and a lot more. But this time there is something more to all this. There has been a different buzz! People have been encouraging others to go exercise their rights by voting. You usually find actors, cricketers or such influential people spreading this awareness about voting. In certain places there have been flash mobs by teens as well. A great initiative indeed!  But have you ever seen a bunch of 11-12 year olds, who are not even eligible to vote, spreading this awareness among the elders in their neighborhood?

It was a lazy Sunday morning. I had just finished my 12th boards that week. The vacation mood https://www.acheterviagrafr24.com/acheter-viagra-en-ligne/ was finally kicking in. I went for the Jwalamukhi session that day. The kids had all come after a break due to exams. Since it was the election fever, today’s session was about elections. The kids were put into groups and each group had elected a leader who was the candidate for that group. One group had a social worker standing for the elections, one had a businessman the other had a religious head and many more. This activity was conducted mainly so that the kids get a fair idea of how voting is done in the country. The children had to prepare their manifestos. They also had to prepare their campaign speeches. Not only were these speeches impressive but also the questions put forth by the other kids to the candidates were brilliant! The concern to protect their interests was alarming.

Before the session concluded, every child was given an activity. They had to go door to door and tie a tri colored band on the wrists of anyone above 18 years of age reminding them to vote! We haven’t meet since that day but I’m sure these Jwalamukhi kids would have done a great job. :D Let’s just hope this effort of theirs translates into great success and we have a large number of Bangaloreans out there ready to vote.

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