Standing up for change

What we do

Our aim is to make children understand simple issues around them, motivate them to take initiatives and do something about them by bringing about small changes in themselves, their immediate family and neighbours , their peers in schools and so on.

Children belong to a category, uninfluenced by negativity of society , cynicism and lack of concern. They have an open mind and are eager to absorb anything we train them to do , with enthusiasm. Jwalamukhi aims at training them to slowly imbibe all the positive values and right practices they are supposed to develop as a good citizen of this country.
We bring together children from about 5 -6 schools in an area together and over the period of 12 weeks interact with them on a day during the week end and have lively sessions where we deal with various issues related to Environment, Civic and Social.

Through motivational videos, presentations, games, role plays, and constant confidence building we make sure they develop a feeling of patriotism, and “Yes I want to do this for my city or Country “attitude.

After they graduate form this 12 weeks’ program they continue to work with us on issues through small projects defined in their schools and neighborhood.
Leadership traits are honed constantly through public speaking, team building exercise and group activities.

Jwalamukhi will constantly work at creating honest , proactive future leaders of our society by working with our asset –our children.

Jwalamukhi program was launched by Jwalamukhi Trust in 2010. Jwalamukhi Trust is a non-profit organisation offering the program free of cost to all children.