Standing up for change

Our Vision

We envision a future where every Indian is sensitive to and respects all the civic and environment norms and respects the right s of all citizens whatever religion, class or caste.

When we go through the Fundamental right s and Duties of our constitution all the Rights we are entitled to as a citizen and our Duties as a citizen beautifully cover simple yet important areas.

    Our Duties as a citizen include:

- We must treat others as our equal.
- We must protect and improve our natural environment.
- We must protect the monuments and other public properties.

Yet how many a time have we seen many of us dis regarding traffic rules, damaging or disfiguring public property, throwing garbage on the road, cutting trees, burning leaves and garbage when we know that it pollutes the environment? Also we notice a lot of corruption , intolerance to people practicing a different faith or are from a different background?
Wouldn’t our beautiful country be a peaceful and safe place to live in if we were more aware of these issues and make simple changes in ourselves to do the Right Thing?
Jwalamukhi envisions a future where every Indian is sensitive to civic responsibilities, environmental concerns and respect the right s of all people –whatever their faith or background.
This is not our obligation but our duty as a citizen!