Standing up for change

About us

Fix leaking taps.Every drop matters !
Refuse, reuse or recycle plastics
Give and Take receipts. Do not contribute to corruption.
Walk short distances or carpool or use public transport whenever possible.
Carry your own bag !!!

Traffic problems!
Garbage on streets!
Indifference acheter viagra to other citizens from different community, religion or class!

Who is responsible?

And finally what can we do different to change this ?

Our way

Jwalamukhi uses innovative and interesting methods like campaigns, rallies, motivational sessions, role plays and more to increase awareness and interest in children to work on small issues by themselves and motivate others too in the process. They work on Environmental, Civic and Social issues in their neighbourhood

Social change

Environment change

Civic change

What We Do

Our aim is to make children understand simple issues around them, motivate them to take initiatives and do something about them by bringing about small changes in themselves, their immediate family and neighbours , their peers in schools and so on.

Children belong to a category, uninfluenced by negativity of society , cynicism and lack of concern. They have an open mind and are eager to absorb anything we train them to do , with enthusiasm. Jwalamukhi aims at training them to slowly imbibe all the positive values and right practices they are supposed to develop as a good citizen of this country.
We bring together children from about 5 -6 schools in an area together and over the period of 12 weeks interact with them on a day during the week end and have lively sessions


We envision a future where every Indian is sensitive to and respects all the civic and environment norms and respects the right s of all citizens whatever religion, class or caste.

When we go through the Fundamental right s and Duties of our constitution all the Rights we are entitled to as a citizen and our Duties as a citizen beautifully cover simple yet important areas.

    Our Duties as a citizen include:

- We must treat others as our equal.
- We must protect and improve our natural environment.
- We must protect the monuments and other public properties.

Yet how many a time have we seen many of us dis regarding traffic rules, damaging or disfiguring public property, throwing garbage on the road, cutting trees, burning leaves and garbage when


To train our children, our future youth, to a Make a difference in the society they live.Children are our future. And they are also at an impressionable age and can be trained to develop the right attitude to Make a difference. We know that future of India is young with youth making up over 70% of Indians.

Training our present children now would be generating a set of young Indians of the future who are sensitive to the civic issues around them and participate in finding solutions to them, caring for the environment and respecting , follow all honest practices, and respect all people and their rights. Jwalamukhi uses innovative, simple child friendly methods to train the children. The children are introduced to required leadership values to help them in motivating others and